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IQ Test - Test your Reason and Inteligence

Our IQ test will test your intelligence and your ability to think reason and process information. Now make our IQ Test.

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Test YOUR intelligence and know the score with our QI test.

The IQ Test or Intelligence Quotient Test is a general apportionment your thinking ability and reason. Your score IQ. is really a quick indication of you compare yourself as the majority of people in your group of age.

Our IQ test is free and quick, by the end of the test you will know your score. A score of 100, for example, means when you’re compared to the majority of people in your age group, you have normal intelligence level. Many psychologists consider those ranging between 95 and 105 as a normal or average IQ. Being difficult to accuse a specific IQ., your score must vary around 5 points. In addition, there are many factors that can affect your score. If you are tired, sick or distracted your score will be affected. So to get a result closer to the real one, be calm, no haste and reading carefully each question.

If a child intend to do the test their parents should be sure that the child understands the instructions before it begins. If the child has a low reading level parents should read the questions, but they CAN NOT help her anyway. If any help is given to the Child, the test will NOT reflect a exact quotient of intelligence.

Our test uses methods of ponctuation created by Alfred Binet (France, beginning Twentieth Century) that was widespread being considered basis for all other IQ tests elaborated later. So DO NOT waste time click on the button START IQ TEST and know your score. You can also share your result and compare it with your friends. Good luck!

Name IQ
1.   190
2.   180
3.   180
4.   180
5.   180
6.   180
7.   180
8.   180
9.   180
10.   180
11.   180
12.   170
13.   170
14.   170
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